Why Is Facebook Marketing Important?

Where do you think most of your potential customers are hiding? Maximum Social engagement is seen and experienced on this Mr. Zuckerberg’s creation. In this blog post you will learn What, How and Why Facebook plays an important role when it comes to marketing your business on this Social Media Platform.

Facebook as one top the biggest social networking platform is rapidly gaining on Myspace in terms of total users and traffic. With more people exploring social networking sites, Facebook has become one of the prime online source for marketing your business. People learn more about products, organizations, artists and world events through it. By creating Facebook business pages, it offers a distinctive marketing opportunity for businesses. Facebook pages can be created and promoted easily.

Benefits of Using Facebook as Your Marketing Tool

Target Potential Customers Only

Paid Facebook ads are an ideal way to target potential customers based on their interests and demographics. For example, if you want to target a younger demographic, you can choose to favour the under 35s who have an interest in subjects related to your business.

Similarly, if you sell women’s clothing, you can target women aged between 20 to 40 with an interest in fashion and shopping. In addition to this, Facebook even lets you show your ad within your local area for super-specific targeting.

Another way you can use Facebook is to re-target people who had previously visited your website, allowing you to narrow down your target market. Facebook has designed its algorithm in manner; it encourages interaction among page owner and page visitors.

Build Brand Loyalty

Facebook permits easy and quick interaction between businesses and customers. Responding to customers with Facebook is quite straightforward that naturally promotes brand loyalty. Don’t forget; immediate customer interaction makes your audience feel that you care for their queries and concerns.

Since more people are turning to Facebook for products and services, if your followers notice that you’re responsive to their queries, they start feeling more loyal towards your brand.

Boost Your Web Traffic

When you share your website’s links on your Facebook profile, they guide your users to your site. Such users are likely to be more receptive as they choose to visit your website willingly by clicking on the links.

When users reach your landing page, they can be exposed to more marketing pitch in the form of a call-to-action.

Just remember, people who like your Facebook page will receive all the updates that you make on that page. Not only that but even their friends and family members can see those updates. This unique feature really helps to increase the potential audience that your page could reach.

It’s important to fill out every section of your Facebook page. Adding your logo, website and telephone number will all go towards showing your audience that you’re serious about what you do.

Useful Information About Your Competitors

When you run a Facebook ad, you get mountains of useful information from Facebook insights. You’ll be able to analyse your page likes, the number of people engaged with the post, total reach of your post, and more. Some valuable data about individual post’s performance is also provided.

With the help of Facebook Adverts Manager, you can track a range of metrics on performance as well.

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